I Believe You


I Believe You. 

How does it feel when people don’t believe you?

And what does this question have to do with being a writer? 

I want to start with my story of not being believed. It's a theme thathas followed me through my life.

Writing this blog post is a message to myself.

And it’s a message to you.

How does it feel to not be believed? 

It hurts, right?

Do you feel ashamed and apologize and pretend you don't know what you know?

Here are two of my stories of not being believed:

When I was five years old something happened - an incident that was to color my life moving forward. I experienced something real and told people about it.

I was teased and laughed at and decided to stop telling people about my inner world.

I’m not even ready to tell that story here. I’m still afraid no one will believe me.

I was one of those “sensitive” kids. I saw things others couldn’t see. I knew things that others couldn’t know or wouldn’t talk about.

When I was eight years old, I met my brother’s friend James.

Somehow I knew he was going to die. He had a grey color around him and I was afraid of him and for him.

Of course, I could tell no one about my thoughts.

No one would believe me. Right?

All I knew was that James was going to die, and I didn’t want to be around him. Six years later, he took his own life.

Women especially – we’re not used to being believed - it's embedded in our culture.

And so we have a hard time believing in ourselves and our innate knowing. 

Do you trust what it is you know, deep down? 

When someone questions your deeper knowing, how does it feel?

Writing is about believing in yourself and your voice.

It’s about believing in yourself enough to have a voice.

It’s a process that can help you know and trust your soul.

When self-trust is shattered, it can become an obstacle to your writing voice.It can affect every single aspect of your life... 

Here are some words I'll bet you need to hear:

I won’t question your every move. 

I believe you.

I believe in you.

I hear you.

You are smart and I trust you.

You have the floor.

I won’t give you my alternate suggestions.

I won't erase your history or your experiences. 

I won’t tell you that you’re wrong.

I won’t talk about myself when it’s you who want and need to be heard.

I am listening.

I am listening – deeply.

I want to hear your voice. 

I believe you.